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Jag vill meddela att iprincip allt med denna design har jag gjort själv. Dock är grundkodningen tagen ifrån en design av, men majoriteten av koden är min. Jag har även gjort all grafik själv. Därför är det strängt copyright, ©, på allt i denna blogg. Men tveka inte att fråga om du undrar något om designen eller annat! :) Tack för besöket!

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UPDATE: Emergency Downtime
We are currently investigating a significant problem with the game.

**Secret Information**
While this week's update appeared to only contain some fun new clothes there was actually more. The very first version of Horse Island that we have been working on for quite some time was also available for testing (for special characters only) on the Live servers.

Horse Island had been tested internally for awhile before moving to the Live version of testing and everything so far had looked very good. Unfortunately after a few hours on the Live servers we started to get reports of bad data and some strange items popping up in the inventory of some players. At that point we had to shut the game off to start to figure out what was causing the issue...

Any time we have a problem that might affect your characters we take it very seriously...and we will have to keep the game offline until we find the problem or revert to yesterday's version.

The coders are all working on figuring out the problem and we will be keeping you all up to date here on Facebook where we can also answer questions.

Today is the 116th time we've released a weekly update. Let's hope there are 116 more before something like this happens again

We'll keep you updated!

(Please do not create new tickets for customer support about the downtime...they already know about it :) )

Hoppas att det fixar problemet ordentligt. Bra att vi tillslut fick veta vad som pågår. Tummen upp till duktiga Star Stable Teamet!
Med kärlek!

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